Stoic Amor Fati Logo Silver Pendant Necklace

Stoic Amor Fati Logo Silver Pendant Necklace



This necklace is not only a striking and beautiful piece of jewellery, it carries one of the most important and universally applicable messages for living a great life: Love Your Fate and turn everything you encounter into flame and brightness.

The pendant has been silver plated and the chain is delicate but sturdy and made of sterling silver.

Keep the message of Amor Fati close to you and wear this pendant with pride, purpose and a passion for life.




Amor Fati translates literally as "Love of Fate" And what is fate? Simply whatever happens in your life is your fate.

The normal human tendency is to resist the things that we don't like and to grasp at the things that we do like. It is easy to be grateful for the good moments in our life but the Stoics challenge us to love everything - even the bad and the ugly.

To love your fate and incorporate the power of Amor Fati into your life is to completely transform yourself and everything that you do. Embracing all aspects of life makes it truly come alive, and this necklace is designed to be a constant reminder of that fact.


Front of the pendant: Features our unique Amor Fati design. The ‘A’ and the 'F' on the design represent “Amor Fati”. The fire is a symbolic representation of Amor Fati, taken from Marcus Aurelius's famous line: "A blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it". The heart is a representation of the love of life.

Back of the pendant: Is blank, revealing the smooth silver plating.



The pendant is 20mm in diameter and 2mm thick. The pendant is brass metal which has then been polished and silver plated.

The silver chains are made of sterling silver. The chains are delicate but strong.

These pendants aren't suitable for wearing in the shower/for swimming as the moisture/chemicals can damage the plating and resin.

All pendants come securely and thoroughly packaged and include a black necklace box.

Additional information

Chain Length

18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches

Size Chart

  Choose from our 18, 20, 22 or 24 inch chains. As a general guideline, men tend to choose the 22 inch chain and women tend to choose the 18 inch chain.